Nutrition Evolution

*If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, give me a call or shoot me an email and we will talk about it. Email:

Phone(805) 807-5957.

Individual Starter Package 60-90 minutes $115


-Consult to identify behaviors that need to be modified (related to dietary intake and management)

-Education on improving overall quality of life through appropriate health and lifestyle measures

-Detailed evaluation of your food journal.

(Optional computerized nutritional/dietary analysis: $30)

-Evaluation of dietary preferences

-Development of your foundational action plan.

-Health education lesson based on your individualized needs.

-Personalized eating strategies and meal plans for optimal results and health.

-Tailored follow-up plan

Mini-Follow-up Consultation: 30 Minutes 30 Minutes $60

(Options: Phone, Email, Face-time, Skype, or in-person)

*Mini-Follow-up visits are highly recommended to ensure your success and offer motivation, accountability, and the opportunity to ask questions once you have had the chance begin your personalized plan. 


-review of your foundational action plan(what is working and what is not)

-analysis of your food journal

-meal planning support and recipe ideas incorporating your meal preferences.

On-Line Weekly Monitoring $160 Monthly

*too busy to make a face to face appointments? Then you can participate in the Online monitoring program. An individual consultation must be completed before you can participate in online weekly monitoring, this can be done in person, or using the FaceTime or Skype platforms.


-weekly guidance Based on your online health app

-weekly goal development and monitoring

-weekly personalized meal planning and recipe suggestions.

Online Follow-Up/Check-in $15

Maintain momentum, motivation, and accountability with an online follow-up/check-in. I will reassess your progress; discuss what is working and what isn’t. Provide guidance based on your online health app if applicable, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  


Weeknight Meal Planning $25/Week

This service is great for busy families because you can receive weekly meal plans, tips and recipes to your email. Just fill out the food preference/diet restriction questionnaire and let me plan quick, healthy, and balanced dinners for you and your family. I will even provide you with a grocery list tailored to your meal plan. 

The Jump Start $350

This package really has it all, everything that you need to jump start your way to a new life. 1 Initial consultation + the entire starter package + 5 follow up visits + 2 online follow-up/Check –in visits + 1 month of meal plans and grocery lists.

($445 Value)

Family Nutrition Counseling $Varies

Consultation with your entire family + meal planning & recipes tailored to your special family unit and their needs. Includes weekly online follow-ups for 2 months. Contact me today for pricing based on your family needs.

Super Market Sweep $Vaires

1 Initial Consultation + Health Pantry Makeover + Grocery Store Tour + 2 online follow-ups. ($215 each if sold separately with an initial consultation) 

Healthy pantry makeover is a fantastic way to get a fresh start on your commitment to health and wellness.  I will come to your house and help you clean out your pantry and fridge to make room for more nutritious choices. This service is paired with a personal shopping experience. We will travel to a grocery store of your choice and spend 1-hour touring the store learning valuable tools to help you make healthful decisions in the future.  You will learn What to put in your fridge and pantry, Where you should put it, When it expires, and How to read food labels. ($460 value). Contact me today for pricing based on your specific needs.