Nutrition Evolution
"Health is not only the mere absence of illness. Health is a state of well-being that includes the physical, psychological, and social aspects of life, which in turn are influenced by the environment in which we live, work, grow, and age."(Renata Schiavo. Health Communication. From Theory to Practice. 2014.) 
Nutrition Evolution was created as a means to promote disease prevention and the enhancement in the quality of life and health of individuals ready to make positive behavior changes. Utilizing an integrated action and engagement process that involves the key approaches of health education, nutrition counseling, mutual respect, motivation, support, and accountability, I will teach you the skills to achieve and maintain the long-term results you deserve. Be healthy for yourself...and for your future. 

There is no doubt about the fact your health is the most important blessing in life. Yet, when life gets busy and demanding, our health is the first thing that often gets neglected. We readily sacrifice healthy habits telling ourselves that “we just don’t have time” or we make excuses like "I'm too tired to cook or workout". In many cases though, the unpleasant reality is that we  just lack the motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness take work and dedication,  you have to be ready for a change.

Congratulations! The fact that you have arrived at this webpage means that you are ready and have taken the first step towards a healthier you!

Healthy is a lifestyle!

Here, at Nutrition Evolution, we offer nearly all the services you’ll need to transform your life into something that is indeed healthier! Ranging from nutrition counseling and health education to meal plans and recipes, we are prepared to guide you on your journey. Staying healthy and fit is not a time-limited venture, it is a change of the whole lifestyle and we are here to help you get there and stay there.  

Healthy eating is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle; making the right food choices and practicing portion control are equally imperative to the maintenance of good health and optimum body composition. Nutrition Evolution can teach you the skills and give you the tools necessary to accomplish just this.

Our Health, Fitness and Weight-loss Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new mother who devotes all of your time to your kids and can’t possibly see finding the time to take care of yourself, Nutrition Evolution can help. We offer an entirely online service just for you, including meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition counseling, all on your schedule.

We are here for working people that are too busy to exercise or eat right; we can assist in preventing or reducing the effects of chronic conditions caused by obesity; we can also assist people looking to shed pounds and make a lifestyle change.

Losing weight may seem like a puzzle now, but our nutrition counseling, health education lessons, meal plans, recipes, and fitness advice will make the whole thing a piece of a cake…not the literal one though.

People can achieve and maintain lasting results through healthy lifestyle changes, portion control, and increased physical activity, let us show you how! Let us help you transform your life; a life where the prospect of stepping on the scale no longer makes you cringe.

If you are stuck in a rut, feel like you have lost control over your weight, your diet, your health, and you don’t know where to begin then you have made the right choice. Nutrition Evolution can guide you in making the right choices to achieve your goals, and lead you towards a healthier you.

Let me work with you to tailor a heath and wellness plan that fits your busy life and current fitness level. I will to collaborate with you to create a plan that will ensure your longterm success. Call or email me today for a free mini consultation and we will invest in your future together. Please check out my services page for existing packages, or let me know what you are looking for and we can work something out.


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